CAEP Consortium Fiscal Administration Declaration: 2019-20 13 Morongo Basin AEBG Consortium (Copper Mountain)

Status: Consortium Approved

California Adult Education Program : CFAD : 2019-20 Produced: Jun 13, 2019, 8:47 PM UTC Deborah Turner

13 Morongo Basin AEBG Consortium (Copper Mountain)

Fiscal Declaration - Consortium Approved

Consortium Name
13 Morongo Basin AEBG Consortium (Copper Mountain)
Funding Channel
Fiscal Agent
Fiscal Agent
Copper Mountain CCD
The allocations received from California Adult Education Program (CAEP) funding are consistent with the Morongo Basin California Adult Education Consortium three-year plan to support both members, Copper Mountain College (CMC) and Morongo Unified School District (MUSD), as they progress towards their goals for the first year, of the three year plan. This will be accomplished as they move into the 2019-2020 program year with key members of the consortium implementing and piloting the following: 1.) Improving connection by the creation of a formal recruitment plan informed by data. 2.) Improving completion/transition as we collaborate with partners, administer regular assessments, and share systems. 3). Increasing entry by shared learning paths as we align and utilize integrated pathways in addition to common assessment, data, and placement policies for our adult students. The collective vision of the Morongo Basin California Adult Education Consortium is to meet the academic and employment needs of their rural desert communities. The Consortium aim to accomplish this by providing educational programs and support services that help the culturally and geographically diverse adult student population overcome barriers to employment, increase literacy and basic skills, and achieve personal success. Accomplishments made during the prior program year of 2018-2019, for the consortium, have been approval, from the Chancellors office, of submitted CTE curriculum by CMC and additional CTE classes offered by MUSD. Implementation of these courses will increase adult enrollment in the Morongo Unified School Districts CTE programs; DE 510 Sports Medicine, DE 511 Physical Therapy Aide, DE 512 Personal Fitness Trainer, DE 513A Pharmacy Clerk A, and DE 513B Pharmacy Clerk B. MUSD continues to create and offer CTE courses to our community, this year they introduced the following CTE programs: 9-1-1 Dispatcher, Private Security Guard, and Early Childhood Development. The primary goals for the upcoming Program Year are to create systems that will increase the usage of data, increase adults served, align CTE curriculum to clarify pathways, align non-credit pathways, and increase participants with early alert systems. Overall, the focus will be on improving data integrity in order to adjust educational pathways that will ensure completion of individuals served. Some of the key projects are a recruitment plan, procedures to ensure individuals stay on their educational path, and clarifying the different pathways within the consortium.
No Changes

Member Allocations

Member Name (2019-20) (2018-19) (2017-18)
Copper Mountain CCD $695,057 $581,350 $643,016
Morongo Unified $137,580 $225,000 $130,000
Total Allocated to Members $832,637 $806,350 $773,016
Total CAEP Funds $832,637 $806,350 $773,016
Total Remaining $0 $0 $0


Copper Mountain CCD - Member Representative

  • David W Norton
  • Vice President; CIO; CSSO; Project Director, Morongo Basin Adult Education Consortium
  • (760) 366-5249
  • Jane Abell
  • Executive Dean of Student Services and Equity
  • (760) 366-3791 ext: 5280
Approved by Meredith Plummer


Morongo Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Deborah Turner