CAEP Consortium Fiscal Administration Declaration: 2019-20 24 Lake Tahoe Adult Education Consortium

Status: Consortium Approved

California Adult Education Program : CFAD : 2019-20 Produced: May 3, 2019, 7:07 PM UTC Brad Deeds

24 Lake Tahoe Adult Education Consortium

Fiscal Declaration - Consortium Approved

Consortium Name
24 Lake Tahoe Adult Education Consortium
Funding Channel
Fiscal Agent
Fiscal Agent
Lake Tahoe CCD
Allocations remain consistent with our plans to focus on providing education, career, and transition services to adults in South Lake Tahoe and Alpine County. Given the somewhat unique nature of our consortium - primarily due to the lack of any pre-existing, adult education structures, we operate more like a micro workforce development with a heavy focus on transition services and support while utilizing the infrastructure of the K-12 system and the educational structure of the community college with the consortium staff providing services/support across member areas.
One significant change is that several members have determined that given the nature of our consortium, it now makes more sense for the consortium structure and staff to take more direct responsibility for running services in those member's area. When appropriate, the consortium will contract for additional supports and/or services from the member. This will improve efficiency and allow for better coordination and oversight of services and reporting. An additional change is the expansion of voting members to include our WIOA partners, as well as business and industry representatives. Given our unique approach in our communities, this expansion and broader voice is crucial to our long-term growth and success.

Member Allocations

Member Name (2019-20) (2018-19) (2017-18)
Alpine County Unified $0 $8,656 $60,000
El Dorado Co. Office of Education $60,000 $52,500 $50,000
Lake Tahoe CCD $857,675 $772,629 $650,318
Lake Tahoe Unified $0 $53,200 $90,000
Total Allocated to Members $917,675 $886,985 $850,318
Total CAEP Funds $917,675 $886,985 $850,318
Total Remaining $0 $0 $0


Alpine County Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Frank Gerdeman


El Dorado Co. Office of Education - Member Representative

Approved by Gary Sutherland


Lake Tahoe CCD - Member Representative

  • Brad Deeds
  • Dean of Workforce Development and Instruction
  • (530) 541-4660 ext: 225
Approved by Brad Deeds


Lake Tahoe Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Bob Grant