CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 31 Gateway Adult Education Network

Status: Certified

CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 Produced: Jun 10, 2019, 3:26 PM UTC Kierstin Wight

31 Gateway Adult Education Network

Allocation Amendment Summary

Fiscal Declaration

The Fiscal Declaration information in this section has been provided as a courtesy. It has not been changed since CFAD has been approved by the Member Representatives.

Consortium Name
31 Gateway Adult Education Network
Funding Channel
Fiscal Agent
Fiscal Agent
Not Selected
Upon receipt of the funds from the state, the Fiscal Agent will provide an upfront allocation of 1/12th every month to each member based on that member's allocation. As a Consortium, we have opted to operate on an upfront disbursement of funds of 1/12th of each member's award, which will be paid each month, upon received from the state. Each member will submit a monthly invoice requesting 1/12th of their funds with backup required for the prior month at the monthly invoice request. The benefits include a more streamlined process, one member having the Consortium information for reporting purposes versus various members having fragmented pieces, and the fiscal agent's ability to have a quick turnaround time in payment. The Fiscal Agent is requesting quarterly Financial Status Reports (FSRs) from its members. The FSRs are reviewed for completeness of appropriate support documentation and ensuring it is consistent with the submitted work plans. Once reviewed by the Accounting Technician, they are routed to the Fiscal Agent's Certifying Official for additional review. The FSRs are routed back to Fiscal for record keeping. The Fiscal Agent then reviews the reported expenditures against the approved member's budgets. The members complete a Budget Modification Request Form that is then routed for approval at the GAEN Board Meeting. The Fiscal Agent receives all approved Budget Modification Request Forms and updates members' budgets as applicable. Each Consortium Member provides expenditure reports by object code to the fiscal agent which is then validated and combined for the Consortia to be reported to the State. Consensus and approval for the programs to be served in our Consortium were agreed upon at the April 12th, 2019 GAEN Board Meeting. All members' work plans include details as to the populations to be served and the work plans were approved at such meeting. As a Consortium, we serve within all seven categories, based on the needs of the region. As it relates to the 5 percent for administrative costs, the Fiscal Agent has agreed to not charge more than 5% of the AB104 funds allocated to the Consortium for administrative responsibilities. The Fiscal Agent will track hours spent for administrative procedures and only true charge expenses, not to exceed 5% of the award amount.
GAEN Consortium has adopted the Fiscal and Budget Agreement. The members will spend funds within 18 months of the start of the fiscal cycle of the year it was first allocated.

Amended Member Allocations for 2019-20

Member Agency Amended Allocation Adjustment Made
Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint Unified $80,056
Gustine Unified $187,646
Le Grand Union High $78,573
Los Banos Unified $41,769 -$81
Mariposa County Unified $197,040
Merced CCD $612,233 -$2,237
Merced Co. Office of Education $251,707 -$488
Merced Union High $1,930,081 -$3,738
Total Allocated to Members $3,379,105
Total CAEP Funds $3,379,105
Total Remaining (Must be $0) $0


Gustine Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Gustine Adult School Denise Rivera-Pantoja


Merced CCD - Member Representative

Approved by Jessica Moran


Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Frank Lemos


Los Banos Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Los Banos Unified School District Paul Enos


Le Grand Union High - Member Representative

Approved by Donna Alley


Merced Co. Office of Education - Member Representative

Approved by Mary Whited


Merced Union High - Member Representative

Approved by Steven Hobbs


Mariposa County Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Kierstin Wight