CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 36 Napa Valley Adult Education Consortium

Status: Certified

CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 Produced: Jun 12, 2019, 5:42 PM UTC Paul Disario

36 Napa Valley Adult Education Consortium

Allocation Amendment Summary

Fiscal Declaration

The Fiscal Declaration information in this section has been provided as a courtesy. It has not been changed since CFAD has been approved by the Member Representatives.

Consortium Name
36 Napa Valley Adult Education Consortium
Funding Channel
Direct Funded
There are two funded members currently at Napa Valley Adult Education Consortium (NVAEC) - Napa Valley Adult Education (NVAE) and Napa Valley College (NVC). For 2019-20 three additional funded members have been approved unanimously by the Board. Napa County Office of Education (NCOE), Calistoga Joint Union School District (CJUSD), and St. Helena Unified School District (SHUSD), will be added in order to expand services up valley and provide for increased transition support throughout the system. For these members, the vast majority of funding will continue to go to NVAE, the largest provider of AEBG-funded adult education services in the region. NVC will continue to receive the next largest amount, followed by NCOE, CJUSD and SHUSD respectively. The additional COLA increase will be shared among NCOE, CJUSD and SHUSD. This distribution of funding reflects: (1) the expansion of services by NVAE to serve up valley districts (CJUSD and SHUSD) locally so that enrolled adult learners have better access to services in their communities, and (2) the addition of a Transition Specialist provided through NCOE through the redistribution of funds. Both of these changes support goals and activities in the 3 Year Plan.
For 2019-20 there will be a change in the funding amounts to each member: NVAE will receive $2,531,050, a reduction of $30,000 from prior year. NVC will receive $225,642, also a reduction of $30,000 from prior year. The total reduction of $60,000 plus an additional $37,458 from the COLA, will be distributed to NCOE for the Transition Specialist position. The remaining COLA will be divided $35,000 to CJUSD and $25,000 SHUSD to provide adult classes in St. Helena and in Calistoga for English as a Second Language and High School Equivalency/GED through Napa Valley Adult Education. The shared counselor position currently funded by NVC and NVAE will move 100% to NVAE. By removing the cost of the counselor from NVC ($40,000) and providing $30,000 to NCOE, NVC will have $10,000 more to spend on programs. Memoranda of Understanding will be developed for CJUSD and SHUSD and NVEA, as well as between NVUSD, NVC and NCOE.

Amended Member Allocations for 2019-20

Member Agency Amended Allocation Adjustment Made
Calistoga Joint Unified $35,000
Napa Co. Office of Education $97,458
Napa Valley CCD $225,312 -$330
Napa Valley Unified $2,525,748 -$5,302
St. Helena Unified School District $25,000
Total Allocated to Members $2,908,518
Total CAEP Funds $2,908,518
Total Remaining (Must be $0) $0


Napa Valley CCD - Member Representative

Approved by Robert Parker


Calistoga Joint Unified - Member Representative



St. Helena Unified School District - Member Representative



Napa Co. Office of Education - Member Representative

Approved by Josh Schultz


Napa Valley Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Paul Disario