CAEP Consortium Fiscal Administration Declaration: 2019-20 40 Education to Career Network of North San Diego County (Palomar/Vista)

Status: Consortium Approved

California Adult Education Program : CFAD : 2019-20 Produced: Apr 12, 2019, 8:59 PM UTC Brian Head

40 Education to Career Network of North San Diego County (Palomar/Vista)

Fiscal Declaration - Consortium Approved

Consortium Name
40 Education to Career Network of North San Diego County (Palomar/Vista)
Funding Channel
Fiscal Agent
Fiscal Agent
Vista Unified
When the Leadership Council developed our annual and three-year plan, we agreed upon the priorities for funding and a timeline for implementation of activities to support the seven program areas and populations. The distribution schedule follows that initial plan with minor updates based on real costs and expenditures. This year we decided to continue work according to our plan with the same allocation amount for each agency plus the COLA adjustment with one exception. Previously, a job developer was hired through Palomar College as a shared position. During the 18-19 fiscal year, the position was vacated. We, as a consortium, took the opportunity to re-assess and it was decided that this need would be better served by assisting our member districts not funded for student support personnel (Ramona and San Marcos) through member districts that were funded for student support personnel. For this reason, Palomar College agreed to reduce their funding which had been used for this position and the funds were re-allocated based on the updated priorities. All members reached consensus for funding the new distribution schedule. The distribution schedule was funded at a public meeting held on April 12, 2019. Please note that the allocation for Vista Adult School ($3,152,714) represents both the allocation to Vista Adult School ($2,708,706) and to Vista USD as our fiscal agent ($444,008). In order to avoid confusion, the ETCN Leadership Council elected NOT to distribute the fiscal agent portion across each member district.
The Leadership Council agreed by consensus to reduce funding for Palomar College, previously allocated for the Job Developer shared position, and re-allocate in order to better serve member districts not equipped with designated student support personnel. Allocations were increased by the 3.46% COLA for each member district, also agreed by consensus.

Member Allocations

Member Name (2019-20) (2018-19) (2017-18)
Escondido Union High $2,772,055 $2,667,835 $2,557,548
Palomar CCD $444,495 $526,342 $504,584
Poway Unified $1,551,053 $1,485,259 $1,423,860
Ramona City Unified $32,472 $27,481 $26,344
San Marcos Unified $93,692 $86,774 $83,186
Vista Unified $3,152,714 $2,983,693 $2,860,350
Total Allocated to Members $8,046,481 $7,777,384 $7,455,872
Total CAEP Funds $8,046,481 $7,777,384 $7,455,872
Total Remaining $0 $0 $0


Escondido Union High - Member Representative

Approved by Brian Head


Palomar CCD - Member Representative

  • Suzanne Sebring
  • Director, Occupational and Noncredit Programs
  • (760) 744-1150 ext: 3758
Approved by Suzanne Sebring


Poway Unified - Member Representative

  • Kathleen Porter
  • Executive Director, Career Technical, Adult and Alternative Education
  • (858) 668-4016
Approved by Kathleen Porter


Ramona City Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Mike Sterner


San Marcos Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Garth Phillips


Vista Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Vista Adult School Elizabeth O'Shea-West