CAEP Consortium Fiscal Administration Declaration: 2019-20 44 North Coast Adult Education Consortium

Status: Consortium Approved

California Adult Education Program : CFAD : 2019-20 Produced: May 2, 2019, 11:06 PM UTC Jack Bareilles

44 North Coast Adult Education Consortium

Fiscal Declaration - Consortium Approved

Consortium Name
44 North Coast Adult Education Consortium
Funding Channel
Fiscal Agent
Fiscal Agent
Redwoods CCD
In the first four funding cycles, funds have been divided the same way between Eureka City Schools (ECS), Del Norte County Unified School District (DNCUSD), and Redwoods Community College District (RCCD). TheECS and DNCUSD allocations were the original pass-through amounts. In 19/20, there is a COLA increase of $38,269. The North Coast Adult Education Consortium has voted and decided that the COLA increase will go to $38,269. In 19/20, we will continue implement the new three year plan.
No Changes

Member Allocations

Member Name (2019-20) (2018-19) (2017-18)
Del Norte County Unified $88,214 $49,945 $34,711
Eureka City Schools $283,067 $283,067 $252,579
Redwoods CCD $773,016 $773,016 $773,016
Total Allocated to Members $1,144,297 $1,106,028 $1,060,306
Total CAEP Funds $1,144,297 $1,106,028 $1,060,306
Total Remaining $0 $0 $0


Del Norte County Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Del Norte County Department of Education Rob Parker


Eureka City Schools - Member Representative

Approved by Michael Davies-Hughes


Humboldt County Probation Department - Member Representative

Approved by Shawn Brenneman


Humboldt County Sheriff's Office - Member Representative

Approved by Duane Christian


Northern Humboldt Union High - Member Representative

Approved by Jack Bareilles


Redwoods CCD - Member Representative

Approved by Margaret Talcott