CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 56 Santa Monica Regional Consortium for Adult Education

Status: Certified

CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 Produced: Jun 18, 2019, 12:57 AM UTC Anthony Fuller

56 Santa Monica Regional Consortium for Adult Education

Allocation Amendment Summary

Fiscal Declaration

The Fiscal Declaration information in this section has been provided as a courtesy. It has not been changed since CFAD has been approved by the Member Representatives.

Consortium Name
56 Santa Monica Regional Consortium for Adult Education
Funding Channel
Direct Funded
The planned CAEP allocation is consistent with the SMRC for Adult Education upcoming three-year plan and annual plans as funds will be utilized to continue to support noncredit and adult education curriculum development, digital literacy, technology, student support services, professional development, and staff support to fulfill SMRC for Adult Education activities in alignment with CAEP objectives. Thus, the SMRC for Adult Education seeks to become the regional hub for literacy, secondary education, and workforce preparation for adult learners. Through basic skills and vocational education, training and support services that align with the SMMUSD/Adult Education Center and SMC Noncredit Programs, and in collaboration with regional community and industry partners, adult learners will be provided services and academic programs for career development and college preparation. Through short-term vocational and workforce preparation training, adult learners will become prepared for entry-level or higher employment in high demand/high growth industries. To ensure academic and career pathways are sufficient to meet the needs of the region's adult learners, the Consortium will explore and potentially develop robust offerings primarily in the areas of noncredit workforce preparation, short-term vocational, ESL, immigrant education, workforce skills for disabled learners, workforce opportunities for apprenticeship/pre-apprenticeship, and workforce opportunities in CAEP designated older adult areas. Existing programs will be strengthened by consortium members' collaborative efforts with support from teachers/faculty in various disciplines/departments as well as support and referrals from/to community and industry partners. The Consortium will continue to operate in alignment and share performance/outcomes data to better inform instruction and student services in order to ensure accelerated progression through all programs. The Consortium seeks to increase adult learner employment through assessment, orientation, counseling and follow-up services provided by student services; development and implementation of CAEP noncredit allowable curriculum/programs; and creation of new career pathways from SMMUSD-AEC basic skills and secondary education to SMC Noncredit and/or credit programs ultimately to career. Consortium members will operate with the goal of sustained integration of services between its member organizations.
Santa Monica Regional Consortium will distribute the FY2019/20 COLA, as follows: Santa Monica College District =50% Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District = 50%

Amended Member Allocations for 2019-20

Member Agency Amended Allocation Adjustment Made
Santa Monica CCD $428,049 -$1,123
Santa Monica-Malibu Unified $732,193 -$1,124
Total Allocated to Members $1,160,242
Total CAEP Funds $1,160,242
Total Remaining (Must be $0) $0


Santa Monica CCD - Member Representative

Approved by Dr. Dione Carter


Santa Monica-Malibu Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Anthony Fuller